Is there any end!!



As soon as I read that, “12 farmers commit suicide in Vidharbha(Maharashtra) during last 72 hours”. I switched on my television and readily started swapping news channels but to my dismay none of the news channel was interested in showing this news. After all they have more TRP drama to focus on. Bangalore blast has just took place, current furor over Bollywood film ‘PK’ is well known and also many extremist ideologies are in full roll. By the way who wants to see troubles of farmers? Come on, farmer’s suicides are so common now a days, why to waste our time over such rhetoric. Isn’t it?

So let’s get you know of some facts which I researched over internet and might expose your eyes towards the nudity of poverty with which these assiduous and deprived souls are suffering. And ironically these people don’t even have a transistor to cover this nudity like their contemporary ‘lagaan’ idol. 988 farmers in cotton producing Vidharbha region alone have committed suicide in 2014. 11,744 overall in 2013 and 11.2% of all suicides are done by farmers in India. After reading all these figures I was just wondering what’s going wrong with Indian farmers.

One of the 12 farmers, late Shrikrishna Kalamb who committed suicide was a poet and writes in one of his poem, “we are calves, dumb hungry calves. We tend to the cows, thieves walk away with milk and cream. We sweat and sweat on fields. We cultivate pearls, but our children remain hungry”.

Our pm is inviting people all around the globe to come and make in India but what about the people who are already making in India. Can’t we give them all what they need? They are the people who feeds us, clothes us, saves us from undernourishment and run Indian economy. Still, the conditions are so worst for them that these people have to commit suicide or live a life full of misery. An airline can run in India smoothly even after having crores of debt but a farmer who shed his blood can’t even get lakhs to live his life smoothly. For this many can say that there are loan waiver programs for them. But I think there is no point trusting them after RBI Governor recently raised questions over these programs and their genuineness. There are many schemes going on but none of them seems to work as much as they should.

Also, not even ‘we’ the people of this republic seems to be concerned about these problems. We simply are not interested in any of their sufferings. I haven’t seen any protest for our farmer’s suicide nor there a concern over these suicides. It seems like we are waiting for some more numbers because we don’t like to act until we are on the edge. But how more?  If these thousands seems to be too less, then what about lakhs who are still trapped in vicious cycle of poverty and are merely living their life.

But what to do, we are more interested in religious wars and cinematic stuff going on than in sufferings of our farmers. But what about the war that our farmers are fighting? Can there be a Nirbhaya like renaissance in our hearts for farmers? Will this vicious trap ever break? Is there be any end to it?

Well questions seems to be many but answers none.

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