Little did i Know

Today I was very happy, it was last day of our school and from tomorrow winter vacations were on their way. All my friends had a selfie session, I clicked a selfie of my own, uploaded it on Facebook and within seconds likes, and comments, complimenting me started flooding 🙂 . We all gossiped, I told them about a guy who proposed me some days back again and I declined to which all of them started chiding me. We all shared a good laugh. Sonali bragging how her boyfriend surprised her by sending a heart full of chocolates on her birthday, Prachi sobbing for her recent breakup, Ayesha exaggerating her dream to become a teacher and Sarika of her crush on our new biology teacher.

Finally the last bell rung and I started running like a tiger, not because their population has increased (of course) but because my mom and I have to go shopping today to bring new clothes for me. My brother is getting married coming week and how can I not look like a princess on his marriage, wait of 6 months was finally coming to an end. We all cousins have planned to do a lot of hubbub on his wedding. But little did I know of what was coming and how it will change my life.

As usual this guy who proposed me was standing with some of his friends outside our school door. I just took a glimpse of him and hurried my walk. On my way I was missing Mansi, my partner in crime a lot. We both are buddies, best buddies, neighbors and childhood friends. It’s been a week and this journey of 15 minutes from my school to home feels like an hour without our blabs. Plus to handle cheap comments and vulgar eyes of these roadside Romeos without her was really tough. But little did I know that these same eyes which are staring me to their level best will get frightened, next time they will watch me.

Five minutes were gone with just ten more to go to reach my home. With each step excitement and shopping plans were babbling in my head. And as just some more minutes passed a bike overtook me with 2 boys sitting on it, both of them masked. It was like as if they are going to rob someone. But instead of a gun or a knife as I have seen in movies their hands were having a bottle, a bottle with its cover open. I stepped back but till then a white liquid was all over my face and hands which came to my rescue in reflex.

Within seconds my mind went from all busy to dumb, not knowing what just happened or what is happening. It was a cooling sensation at first as if someone has poured mint on my body but soon from being cool, burning sensation started. People gathered but I was unable to ask for anyone’s help, Other than screaming it was tough to utter a word. Skin which was few minutes before glowing was now melting as if I have been put alive on a funeral pyre. It was dripping off like the wax of a candle which someone has just lit. People who encircled me were both amazed and shocked, some called police, some started whispering how it all happened and those who were present on the spot became their story tellers. Passersby were taking their way as soon as they were getting a glimpse. It was as if I was on an exhibition in a showroom, everyone looking, staring but no one took the onus of buying and in my case taking me to a hospital.

‘But little did I know, from being a girl whose beauty once everyone adored has now been converted into a new person seeing whom everyone gets terrified’, and soon I closed my eyes.

Sahil Varshney


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