Journey going ALRIGHT

A cute small boy playing everywhere he can, loved by one and all, cheeks pinched and kissed very often, asking smart questions to know the logic behind his curiosity and fast forward to 24 years, cheeks have now squeezed with two or three eruptions on them filled with active lava ready to explode anytime, eyes circled by black rings, asking questions to himself, logic has now been lost to teenage insecurities, unaware of the destination this cute little boy has now grown up to be a complete mess. This all has led him to ask a question what the hell is going on?

Everywhere you go, you can see someone judging you. It all starts either with your parents or relatives and then every other logical/illogical human being. Animals?? if only they could talk, they would have there judgements too. Why do we have to run ourselves based on what others think about us?

Insecurities everywhere. Be it related to life, money, marriage, love, office, u name it and he has it. There were times when a 5 Rs note was enough to make him all cheerful. This happiness is now absent even when thousands are credited in his account each month. if only, there comes a day when his needs are so small that a 5 Rs note is valid again. But this great world wont let that happen. Why? because if you are not dreaming BIG, you are a failure. There needs to be a high standard of living DUDE !!

and this brings me into a perfect time to listen to Manna Dey’s “Zindagi kaisi h paheli haaye, kabhi toh hasaaye kabhi ye rulaaye

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