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India’s Daughter, India’s RAPIST

Hey, did u read today’s newspaper? Asks a 17-year old inmate to the convicted juvenile.

Yes, I did, juvenile replies.

You are all over the news again, says inmate smiling.

Yes, I know, juvenile says whiningly.

By the way it’s been months, you haven’t told me hitherto what actually happened that all your partners in crime have been sentenced to death that too just for a rape. I mean rape are so common in our country along with the murders. You know, one girl was burned alive after being gang raped recently in Uttar Pradesh and it’s not like rape rarely happens. In India, a rape happens every 20 minute and you know something interesting, Number of rapes in America are far more than in India, says the inmate.

What?? Seriously!! In America, rape happens more often than in India, Juvenile asks surprisingly.

Yes, my friend, it’s true, says the inmate.

So, what’s your story my friend? Asks the inmate this time more firmly. And juvenile too after months of silence wanted to share his heroics with someone. OK, but promise me that you won’t tell anyone else until I’m out of this prison, says the juvenile.

Sure, inmate nods in agreement.

Actually what happened is my friends brought a new porn movie DVD along with a bottle of Desi Daaru (alcohol). We all drank a lot that night and finally decided to head towards GB road in New Delhi. GB road has the largest brothel of New Delhi so we decided to have some fun, says the juvenile.

Yes, I know GB road. Even I have been there many times. It was my second home until I ended up in jail, says the inmate and both starts laughing.

Well, now continue, says inmate again.

Yeah, so we headed towards GB road in our bus of which my friend was a driver.

Oh! The one who committed suicide? Asks inmate interrupting.

Yes, juvenile nods in affirmation

And then it all happened as you have read in the newspapers, juvenile says in continuation.

But, there was also written in newspapers that u inserted an iron rod inside her vagina, says the inmate.

No, it wasn’t a rod. It was actually my hand that I inserted inside her vagina out of curiosity and took out something white and soft from it. I think it was her intestine that I pulled, juvenile says casually.

And what did u do of it? Asks inmate astonishingly.

I actually got frightened seeing what I pulled from her vagina. So, after that we threw both of them nude out of the bus. I threw that thing which I pulled on the road after covering it in a cloth, Says the Juvenile heavily.

Oh! And then u all were arrested by police one after another, says the inmate.

Yeah, I never thought that they will be able to catch us. Nor did I thought that we might get a punishment so severe for our act, after all it was not this big a crime that we did. You know problem is in the system, there is no equality, says the juvenile showing his displeasure over the judiciary.

But shouldn’t u thank this inequality, It is because of this inequality that all your mates will be hanged till death but you will be living freely after eight more months, that too when you were the one who inserted your hand inside her vagina and are as much responsible for her death as are others or even more than them, says the inmate.

Yeah, I agree with what you are saying but it was all that girl’s fault. When being raped, she shouldn’t fight back. If she would have just allowed the rape silently, she would have been alive today. But she confronted dreaming as if she can match the power of a male, Juvenile giggles.

Yes, u are right. It was all her fault. You know even some politicians supported your act. One former chief minister rightly said that, ‘we are boys, we are bound to make some mistakes’, Says the inmate confidently

Yes, exactly, that’s what I want to say. It was not at all my fault and then too I am facing a severe punishment of 3 years in prison, says juvenile sadly.

Oh! Come on buddy cheer up. It’s just a matter of some months now and then u will be free, says the inmate.

Oh yes! Just waiting for that day, says the juvenile.

So, what are your plans after going out of the prison, asks inmate.

I will go to Mumbai and try my luck in acting. You know, there are many people who will want to make a story on my life and if they can cast a porn star in their movie then why can’t me? After all I am the RAPIST of India, says juvenile laughing heavily.

Yes, you are, says the inmate smiling and wishing his best wishes.

By the way why are you here in this prison? Asks the juvenile.

Oh, I am here for a year because of a murder that I did and will be out in some months, says the inmate and left.