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What is wrong in the world? What’s right in it? We can never know. Dwelling between right and wrong has always been one of the most interesting puzzle of humankind.

Most of us goes by the book. We are being already told a definition and all we do is quote that definition into our lives, for some questioning the quotes of this book is how everything goes, some redefines the chores according to their wishes and rest are confused with whether to go by the rules or question them!

In midst of all this comes moments, moments of care, moments of happiness, moments of sadness, moments of achievement, moments of anger, moments of pride.  Moments when you feel like losing everything, moments you feel like achieving everything. Just like after every time of dawn there is a time of dusk. After every moment comes another with different character.

How we spend our moments, how we take them is what defines our life, our character. Every moment is connected. Every moment has its own repercussions that it brings with itself. Some say our life is scripted by a mighty force and we are mere ACTORS playing our roles. But how can all our moments be this much well encrypted? How can someone be decided by fate to be a billionaire and other to be a beggar, one be a Gandhi and other be a rapist, one be a saint and other a druggist? How can that force write a script that this person will commit suicide and if yes why he came into existence if suicide was destined?

We are more of a PLAYER, not an actor. Player who plays and scores everything according to his own wish and will. We decide our own moments, our own roles and these moments are the harbingers of our life. Living in the moment whether by following the book, counteracting it or briefing it is how our life comes into existence.